Effective Ways to Find Hidden Objects Behind Plaster Walls

Few objects are placed behind the wall to create an elegant and beautiful surface that is visible. In a few houses, the showcases and switchboards are hidden behind the wall. If you want to make any changes to the wall, there is a necessity to find the exact location of the object.

Find Hidden Objects Behind Plaster Walls

The stud finder is one of the easiest and quickest way to find every object behind the plaster walls. If you are feeling lazy to find the objects, just make use of a stud finder for lath and plaster walls. It is one of the important tools for every house to find the studs of the wall. It is very necessary to find the studs while you are interested in makeover on the lath or plaster walls.

You can find more ways to find the studs as your own. You can have another chance, which is getting help from the professional and experts in stud finders. They are making your work simple and as soon as possible. To find the hidden objects measure from an outlet. If you want to measure the exact place of the stud, remove the cover of the outlet and measure the height and width of the outlet. Every outlet is fixed to a stud. Then take a measure of 16 inches intervals from the object. You can also use the building map or code to find the exact location of the studs.

The Most Effective Ways

There are two effective ways available to find hidden objects very quickly and safer. You should make sure about your surface of the wall while finding the objects. The first step is to knock on the wall. It is one of the effective and safer methods for the owner as well as for the house. It will easily find every object just by a knock. But you should know the different sounds among two different surfaces like the wall which has an object inside, and the wall which does not has an object inside.

Usually, the empty wall does not make more noise compared to the object. If you find more sound while knock on the wall, definitely there is an object hidden behind the plaster walls. The second method is finding the hidden object using the stud finder for lath and plaster walls. It is very cheaper but the best way to find the studs and hidden objects very easier. These stud finder tools are convenient for every people and available for every hardware shop. You can also buy it online at a low price.


While you are taking this effort to find the hidden objects, never wasted. It will help to prevent your objects from damages while making any changes or extra fittings on your wall. If you are fixing any cardboards or wall clocks, it may affect your hidden object of the wall while you even do not know the exact place. So, find the location of the hidden object before making changes on the wall.

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